Monday, February 10, 2014

Styled Engagement Shoot at Intercontinental Hotel

About half a year ago, I was given the honour to shoot for a styled engagement setting put together by many wonderful and incredulously talented individuals who came together and made this all possible. It was beyond amazing, watching how everything transformed into its own beautiful setting and understanding how everything played a part for everything to fall into place. I am lucky because for the longest time, I've been wanting to put together a styled shoot so it was a great opportunity for me when this sprung up.

What's different this time round is that unlike other styled shoots, the couple you see in the images are not models; they are a real engaged couple! Yes, by the time you are reading this NOW, Shawn and Jenn are already officially married a few months back after the styled shoot. It was a little disheartening when our initial plans of doing the shoot outdoor in a really lovely location had to be cancelled because of the bad weather, but everyone was spontaneous and kept the spirits up. And honestly, at the end of it all, I didn't think it was that bad doing it indoors. I liked how the images have turned out, but looking back at it now, I thought I could have done it a lot better in so many ways. 

Merrylove Weddings put up a pastel garden theme for the initial half of the shoot, playing with colours such as mint, pink, white, lavender and yellow to create a dreamy pastel feel whereas the second setup was along the lines of a rustic woodland. It consists of neutral colours like brown, glitter and gold to bring out the vintage feel. They are so talented and I'm awed by their love and passion for what they do. I've spoken to Shuying from Merrylove Weddings and we are contemplating conceptualising another styled shoot in the next few months to come. We are hoping to inspire people to incorporate themes into their engagement shoot for a personalised theme that adds a magical touch to the photos. 

Photography: Smittenpixels Photography
Styling and d├ęcor: MerryLove Wedding
Wedding Gown: The Gown Warehouse
Candy Dessert Bar: Little Treats Inc
Flowers: The Bloom Room
Cupcakes: Goobycakes
Vespa Sidecar: Little Tiffany Blue
Furniture Rental: Second Charm

Hope you enjoy these visuals!


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