Friday, August 2, 2013


Featuring: Stella Ziyao
Hair and makeup: Pearlyn Law
By: Fiona Sng

Pretty is a total understatement for Stella. Imagine my delight when I first met her. Pearlyn and I have adoringly named her our 'Tofu Princess' and not to mention, she is really tall. My mom's handmade garland came into good use again and we loved how everything fits together nicely and even the weather was perfect. We shot till the sun set and loved how it casted a warm glow over the entire beach. We had a lot a lot of fun shooting together. It's always nothing but fun with Pearlyn and with Stella it was like we've known each other for forever. we had so much fun laughing and talking, climbing rocks, snapping behind the scenes, going "whoaaaaa, nice leh!" and giggling over it when Pearlyn snaps a good behind the scenes picture and falling down and scraping our feet against the rocks. It's been so many months, but I loved these photos and the fun we had shooting. It's times like this I'm grateful to have a job that barely makes me feel like I am working.

July is coming to an end! I'm so stoked for August's arrival and all the plans we have made. I've been lucky to have shot for Ziggy magazine and NBS Pageant etc and an upcoming wedding which I am really looking forward to because it is going to be really beautiful and different.

Stay gold, y'all!

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